Broad Run Farms Civic Association

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Our fiscal year starts at the beginning of the year. Your dues are very important! 
We provide scholarships, cleaning up our properties, and several social events a year. 
You can pay your dues online by sending a
paypal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or
by clicking on this link

Dues are $50/year. $15 deposit/key gains vehicle access to river property.


If you prefer to pay by check, please mail it to


PO Box 650055

Sterling VA 20165

If you have a Sewer Grinder in alarm contact:

Freemire & Associates, Inc.

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week at 888-349-7448

Freemire is under contract with Loudoun Water to show up at your residents within 4 hours of receiving the call.


Below is a pictorial overview of your Grinder Pump. All of the items within the red lines are the responsibility of Loudoun Water. The areas outside of the red lines are the responsibility of the homeowner.



The illustration above was provided by Loudoun Water. To view the entire brochure please go here.


Below are the rules that govern your Sewer Grinder. They were forwarded to us by our County Supervisor Suzan Volpe. They are currently not available on the Loudoun Water web site but should be soon. Check back soon for an update.


Rule No. 34 - Grinder Pumps

(applicable to all current and future grinder pump service connection customers)


Loudoun Water’s preferred method of discharge for wastewater is by gravity flow. In the event gravity collectors and/or a centralized pumping station are not feasible, Grinder Systems may be allowed, at Loudoun Water’s sole discretion. If two or more homes on separate lots connect to a common force main before connecting to Loudoun Water’s gravity conveyance system, they would constitute a Grinder System. If an individual connection employs a grinder pump and force main to convey waste to Loudoun Water’s gravity collection system it is considered a Private Grinder Pump to be maintained by the property owner. Rule No. 34 does not apply to Private Grinder Pumps. Each Grinder System is an integral component of Loudoun Water’s sanitary sewer system. Additional information about Loudoun Water’s Grinder Systems is available in the Engineering Design Manual.


a)     Loudoun Water shall be responsible to repair and replace all system components of the Grinder Pump Service Connection  from the Grinder Pump Chamber to the Public Force Main at Loudoun Water’s expense insofar as ordinary wear is concerned. Damage due to causes arising out of, or caused by the customer’s facilities, operations, negligence or carelessness shall be paid by the customer. The customer shall promptly notify Loudoun Water or its representative of any defect or damage to the Grinder Pump Service Connection.

b)    Cost of equipment and installation of a new Grinder Pump Service Connection shall be borne by the Customer and shall be turned over to Loudoun Water for future repairs and replacement. Grinder Pump Service Connections shall be installed in accordance with Loudoun Water’s specifications.

c)     Developers of Loudoun Water approved grinder systems will be assessed an availability charge and an additional fee of $7,500 per connection to address future repair and replacement.

d)    No more than one dwelling or building may be connected to a single Grinder Pump Service Connection.

e)     Customer shall be responsible for providing Loudoun Water or its representatives free, prompt and unrestricted access to the property served in order to repair or replace Grinder Pump Service Connection components.

f)      Installation of any structures over any component of the Grinder Pump Service Connection, including the Customer Force Main from the Grinder Pump to the Public Force Main, is prohibited.

g)     If a structure has been installed over any component of the Grinder Pump Service Connection prior to the effective date of these Rules (June 11, 2015), Loudoun Water will make every effort to keep the structure intact. In the event the structure must be removed or disturbed, the Customer shall be responsible for the cost of reinstalling the structure in a way that does not obstruct access to any component of the Grinder Pump Service Connection. Loudoun Water will not be responsible for the cost of structures that were deemed to be obstructing access to the system. Call Miss Utility before you dig.

h)    Customer shall be responsible for all damage relating to vehicular or lawn care traffic, unintentional landscaping damage, trees falling, or any avoidable act that inflicts damage.

i)       Customer shall be responsible to maintain the plumbing for the Building Drain between the home and the Grinder Pump Chamber.

j)       Customer shall be responsible to provide an adequate supply of electrical power from the house to the Pump Control Panel and Grinder Pump. In the event of a power outage, Customer shall be responsible for taking measures to prevent the backup of wastewater on the property (limit water usage).

k)    Loudoun Water shall have the right to stop any discharge from a Grinder Pump Service Connection in order to prevent contamination from raw sewage.

l)       Customer shall never flush prohibited items including, but not limited to rags, paper towels, diapers, chemicals, baby wipes, fats, oils, greases and bio hazardous materials.

m)  Customer shall be responsible if an excavation reveals problems caused by negligence toward the Grinder Pump Service Connection, including the Customer Force Main to the Public Force Main.

n)    Extraneous flows such as from a sump pump, roof or foundation drains and into the grinder pump chamber are prohibited.

o)    Customer is responsible to repair and replace the PVC conduit from the pump control panel to the grinder pump chamber.


These rules have been singed into agreement by the board of Loudoun Water and have been approved by the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.




What is the BRFCA (Broad Run Farms Civic Association)?

BRFCA is a 501c4 non-profit organization which owns two community properties in the Broad Run Farms subdivision.  It was created and is run for the purpose of managing these properties for the benefit of BRFCA members, who must reside or own property in the subdivision.  The community properties were deeded to the BRFCA.  The BRFCA is managed by the BRFCA Board and paid members, per the bylaws.


Why join?

Membership fees support maintenance and improvement of two community properties deeded to the BRFCA. Dues also support community sponsored events such as the community picnic, Halloween and Christmas Caroling parties and hayrides, Scholarships for BRF residents, donations to the Loudoun Interfaith Food Pantry and support for the Galilee Church which is where we meet. Dues have remained at this low cost due to many hours of volunteership, business sponsorship, and increased resident membership. Also, per the bylaws, only current paid members can purchase an access key to the river property.


How can I join?

Membership is limited to residents and property owners in Broad Run Farms. Annual dues are currently $50 per membership. Any resident can join by paying the annual fee at a regular meeting (held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Galilee Church. Also, there is a PayPal link on  One membership equals one vote.


Who are the BRFCA Board Members?

Click here for a link to the current Board members.


How can I contact the Board?

Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


When and where are the BRFCA meetings?

The Annual Meeting is held in March, and new officers and board members are voted in and immediately installed. All members are encouraged to attend this meeting.

Regular meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7pm at the Galilee Church. Anyone is welcome to attend and observe, but only paid members in good standing are allowed to bring up motions and vote. One membership equals one vote.



Click here to open the link to our Bylaws.


Where are the Community Properties and what are the access rules?

The two recreation areas are for the property owners, residents of Broad Run Farms and their families, and are for their exclusive use.


Broad Run Property - Located at the intersection of Broad Run Drive and Young’s Cliff Road.This property has access to Broad Run, and is a popular site for community picnics, happy hours, and private kayak and canoe use for launching.  Amenities include a Gazebo, fire ring with benches, two picnic tables and a grill.  Rules are listed on the sign at the entrance.


After-hour usage, such as private parties, are allowed by request to any board member, on a first come basis. Written approval (or email) will be issued and must be shown to any sheriff's deputy upon request.


This property has experienced several bouts of vandalism that have required many hours of cleanup and repair.  Please do your part to keep it clean, and report any problems to the Sheriff and the BRFCA Boardif you witness vandalism or trespassing.  The BRFCA has voted to give the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office a standing Power of Attorney authorization to enforce the posted park rules.


Potomac River Property - This property is located at the confluence of the Broad Run Creek and Potomac River, and is accessed from the private gravel road at the sharp turn 1 mile on Young’s Cliff Road. This property has a boat launch, parking and benches for seating. Please note that the properties on either side of this gravel road are PRIVATE. Please do not trespass on the fields, barn, or lawn without invitation from the owners. Do not park on either side of the lane except by invitation.


*Access by vehicle requires a key for a fee which is available to members. The gate is to be closed and locked at all times to discourage trespassers.  Parking is allowed at the launch property, no parking is allowed on grassy areas.


How can I get a key to the River Property?

Per the bylaws, only current paid members can purchase an access key to the river property. Keys are currently $15, and are available from the Treasurer.  If a resident needs a key, they should first send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The Treasurer will contact the resident and issue a key for $15 provided dues are paid for the current year.  Annual dues can be paid at the same time.



What are the usual BRFCA sponsored Events?

We have sponsored several events annually as volunteers and funds allow. See the events page for more details.

·         Chili cook-off winner gets bragging rights for a whole year!  (normally held in March)

·         Community cleanup  (normally held in April)

·         Summer picnic with bounce house, kids and adult games (badminton, corn hole, kiddie fishing), cotton candy, hotdogs, hamburgers, beer, soft drinks, shared dishes.  (normally held in June)

·         Scholarship(s) presented at the picnic.

·         Halloween trick or treating hayrides and fun at the park.  Campfire, food and drink.

·         Best holiday decoration judging - bragging rights for the year!

·         Caroling Hayrides and fun at the park. Food, drinks & campfire.  These events are held at the appropriate seasonal times.


How does the BRFCA Scholarship work?

Annual scholarships are awarded based on applications click here submitted by March 30. Awardee(s) is/are determined by outside judges and scholarship(s) are presented at our annual summer picnic.


What volunteer opportunities are available?

Currently we support adoption of BRF roads for cleanup maintenance.  Service hours (for school or government credit) will be signed off by the board president or vice president and reported at a regular meeting.  Ongoing volunteering includes mowing and cleanup and other maintenance of the community properties.

New volunteer opportunities are always welcome. Submit ideas at a regular meeting or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for consideration.


What Business Sponsorships are available?

Sponsorships are available at several levels. Sponsors are listed on a bannerwhich is posted at BRFCA events. Click here for a link to the sponsors page.


What is is a private community social website that is not affiliated with This site is for general info and activity for BRF residents.  It is free, but you must provide proof of residency to join. It is not managed or affiliated with BRFCA, but is a stand-alone site. Although general BRFCA information is posted on, no BRFCA business will be done on

If you have questions, please see the BRFCA board members section.


What are other concerns for residents?

Potomac Heritage Trail

The proposed section of trail through Broad Run Farms is inactive and likely to remain so.  Any updates on this would be greatly appreciated.


Proposed Potomac Bridge

A river crossing at Rt. 28 has been a proposed site for a bridge every 2 or 3 years. BRFCA is united in opposing bridge development in this area, and will work against any such project.  Any update or new information is appreciated.


Hidden Lane Land Fill

Periodic mailings and public meetings are hosted by the EPA on progress for this site.

Click here to be linked to information on the Hidden Lane Landfill.

If you would like to become a Sponsor and advertise your business on this website, our Banner at events and in the upcoming Broad Run Farms phone book please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Click on any of the Sponsors below to be directed to their web site, these are all businesses in your neighborhood.













Please be prepared to provide a high resolution PDF or JPG of what you would like to advertise for the best image results.


The BRFCA Board Members

To contact the Board please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



President: Michael Conley


Vice President: Jon Erickson  


Treasurer: Suzi Bryant


Secretary: Carol Kearney


 Board Members at Large:

Mary Holsinger

Carl Margenau

Ed McKulsky

Jon Mitchell

Steve Oberther




Chili Cookoff
Keep Loudoun Beautiful

Summer Picnic

Halloween Hayride

Christmas Caroling

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