Broad Run Farms Civic Association

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 Updated 5/27/2023

Join us for Our Association's Largest Event of the Year!

The 2023 BRFCA Picnic.

June 3, 2023 at the River Property past the Polka Dot Barn.

1:00 PM till Dark (and possibly beyond).  Please park ONLY where directed. No parking permitted in the picnic area.

Entrance to the property is on the left side of Young's Cliff Road, just past the right angle turn.  Parking areas will be designated and are on private property, so PLEASE only park where designated.  Much of the parking will be on grass and we would appreciate your being careful not to spin tires or park in soft areas.  THERE WILL BE NO PARKING IN THE PICNIC AREA PAST THE WOODLINE TOWARD THE WATER.  If you are delivering items for the picnic, you may carefully drive down to the parking area until 1:00PM.

Please bring chairs to sit on and a side dish or dessert to share with others.  Although the BRFCA will be supplying two types of beer in kegs and some white and red wines, plus some boxed juices and cans of soda, we recommend that you BYOB if you have something special that you like. Everyone is welcome to being drinks (including adult beverages) to share.

An ice cream truck will be showing up to vend all sorts of special treats.  Please limit what you take to what you can eat at the picnic.  Please ask for only one item at a time, except adults ordering for children or attendees who cannot order for themselves.

There will be golf carts and and utility carts to assist those who need it, to ride from their car to the picnic and to help ferry heavy items.

Please be sure to use trash and recycling receptacles, and to pick up trash that may have been dropped by you or someone else.  Also, if you use one of the disposable cups, write your name on it and reuse it.  We'd like to minimize the trash we generate. Dispose of it properly when you leave.

We will be selling BRFCA tee shirts in limited quantities along with visors.  There may also be other items for sale.

If you have a BRFCA tee shirt, please wear it to show your community spirit

If you can volunteer to help with setup and tear-down, please tell one of the members or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Previous Event Pictures Additional information is available on the Events Page.

The Broad Run Farms Civic Association (BRFCA) is a 501(c)7 volunteer organization that works to help our neighborhood be a great place to live. Broad Run Farms is a unique, eclectic subdivision in the fact that we do not have a Homeowners' Association (HOA) with its associated By-Laws, Architectural Review Board and their constraints. However the successful Civic Association does require property owners and residents to take ownership and be good stewards of their property and the neighborhood in general.  The Civic Association is a great thing and we are stronger as a whole than we are as individual residents. Your Civic Association Dues are spent to improve our neighborhood and help our neighbors. We do not represent the neighborhood, but we are a venue for events and community information. The BRFCA has two major goals.

First, the Association maintains the BRFCA properties, one on Broad Run and the other on the Potomac River with a boat ramp for Civic Association members to enjoy. We also hold neighborhood events like our summer picnic, chili cook off and a Halloween party. We have provided a community scholarship to graduating high school seniors.  In the past, we have been charitable to our community by providing funds for things like printer cartridges to the schools that teach our children and have contributed to Loudoun Interfaith to help those in need during the holiday season. The Board with the membership's input determine how dues and donations will be used. 

Second, but no less important, we keep residents informed on issues that arise that could affect our neighborhood at County, State and Federal levels. Although we do not represent you, we do give you a venue where you can come together as a community for what is best for our neighborhood. Strength in numbers has been and will continue to be beneficial to our Association.

The Association holds monthly meetings on the second Wednesday, usually at the Pavilion (creek) property at 7pm. An alternate location is Galilee United Methodist Church.  Venue changes will be announced. All owners and residents are welcome. However, only paid members of the Association (members in good standing) are allowed to vote on issues brought before the Board.

The Association accomplishes its mission by requesting that each owner and/or resident of Broad Run Farms join the association for an annual fee of just $50.00 per person (not per address).  Note that unlike an HOA, there is no requirement to join the Civic Association.  But without your support, many projects and events cannot be completed or accomplished with our all-volunteer staff.  Your dues help pay for the maintenance of the Association properties and to fund activities and events sponsored by our association. Please see the Dues page for more information.

Please visit the Resources page for a copy of our By-Laws and other useful information.

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Planned Events

Neighborhood Cleanup -Completed
Chili Cookoff - Held on April 15

Summer Picnic June 3, 1:00 PM

Tuesday Breakfasts Started Apr. 18
Ice Cream Social
Monthly Happy Hours

Halloween Hayride

Christmas Caroling

Other Activities
Line Dancing - Fridays at Church

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