Broad Run Farms Civic Association

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Updated 5/9/2024

The Broad Run Farms Civic Association (BRFCA) owns two properties in the subdivision.  This page outlines the purpose and usage.  Please read the rules posted at the entrance to the properties.


Per the By-Laws: "The two recreation areas dedicated to the property owners, residents of Broad Run Farms and their families are for their exclusive use."  Furthermore, "Each property owner or resident who is a Member as provided in Article II, Section 2 will be provided, for a fee determined by the board of directors, a pass allowing any member of the owner's household to enter and use these facilities."  For more information, please see the Membership & Dues page. 


The Pavilion (creek) Property (across from the intersection of Broad Run Drive and Young's Cliff Rd.):

We refrain from using the term "park" for legal purposes, but let's face it, the Pavilion property is a great park.  It is open to all members and can be used for picnic, stroll, quiet contemplation or to let you and your kids have fun.  Amenities include a covered pavilion with a varying number of picnic tables, park benches including a newly installed one with a backrest, a barbecue, a rock rimmed fire ring with wood available, play set for the kids, room to toss a ball or just run around.  It is mostly grass covered with a gravel path down to the pavilion.

Parking is along Young's Cliff Road and is head-in only.  Please refrain from taking up more than your share or blocking the pedestrian entrance as this is also an emergency entrance / exit.  Rules are posted on the fence / gate. Without prior notification of the Board, party use is limited to a very small group and closes at dark, for safety.  Power is available if requested.  A donation for usage would be appreciated. Currently power is limited to one 120V Duplex outlet.

The property has Broad Run (creek) access and is used as an embarkation point for kayaks and canoes to float down to the Potomac River, to try your hand at fishing, and for general fun.  Some people play and swim in the creek. Fish include small mouth and large mouth bass, bluegill, and occasionally, crappie as well as others depending on water level.  Please fish out of the way of those wading and splashing in the water.  Be aware that the creek can experience flooding and swift water after a sustained heavy rain.  So plan your outing accordingly.  There is usually a picnic table near water's edge.

If you are walking your dog, please remember to pick up any waste and take it home or use the available "doggy" station at the entrance.  Although there is a trash can at the pavilion, it is maintained by volunteers and they would appreciate it if you would refrain from using it.

A "porta-potty" is located just inside the gate for your comfort. PLEASE DO NOT throw filled doggy bags or other trash in the porta-potty.  A "doggy station" that includes both bags and disposal is located at the south front corner just outside the fence.  Please dispose of your pet waste at the station. Donations to the BRFCA for maintaining the station would be appreciated.

The River Property (Located at the sharp right angle bend on Young's Cliff Rd.)

The river property is much more rustic and is mainly used by boaters who use the boat ramp to access the Potomac River behind Seldon Island. It is gated and locked, and is located about 1/4 mile from the river.  A key is needed to unlock the gate and walking around the gate may be trespassing as the property on either side of the access road is privately owned.

This area is pack-in, pack-out.  DO NOT LEAVE TRASH BEHIND. And PLEASE pick up any trash or fishing line/tackle for your own use, disposal, or return to the rightful owner.

The concrete boat ramp is on a first-come first-served basis and it is up to the users to maintain decorum.  The entrance portion of the access road is privately owned on the shoulders and no parking is allowed without owner's permission.  Limited trailer parking is allowed on the middle of the circle and along the wooded edge.  There is no parking along the river side or in such a way that you block either the road or entrance. DO NOT BLOCK THE BOAT RAMP WHILE YOU PARK OR FERRY CARS.

Boaters Beware: The river has been shallow in recent years and access to the main Potomac is through a downstream channel known locally as "the cut".  At the end of Seldon Island there is a cut through to the main Potomac which is full of underwater rocks and snags. It is HIGHLY recommended that, if you are unfamiliar with the technique for "running the cut" or navigating the river, you have someone show you how and where to go.  The main Potomac can be quite tricky and has been responsible for many drownings. Wear your life vest. Children are required to wear them at all times.  For adults, auto-inflating vests with up-to-date triggers are a great alternative. 

When on the river, a boat registration and Boating Safety Course certification are required. See:

From the time you enter or fish in the water in the channel along Seldon Island YOU ARE IN MARYLAND STATE WATERS.  Even bank fishing in the channel behind Seldon Island is Maryland waters.  Bass fishing both small and large mouth, by law, is catch and release.  It is highly recommended that you read the Maryland boating and fishing regulations before your outing. A Virginia or Maryland fishing license is needed and the area IS patrolled by the Maryland DNR who WILL issue a ticket.

There are NO porta-potties, pavilion or play sets for kids.  however, bank and wader fishing can be quite good, swimming is at your own risk, and the current through the "cut" can be quite strong.


Planned Events

Chili Cook-off Apr 20 1:00PM
Neighborhood Cleanup April 27 9AM


Our Next BIG Event!
Summer Picnic June 8 1:00PM

Ad-Hoc Happy Hour at the Pavilion

Halloween Hayride

Christmas Caroling

Other Non-Sponsored Activities
Tuesday Breakfasts
Line Dancing - Fridays at Church
Karaoke Night