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Updated 5/6/2023


The Broad Run Farms Civic Association  holds several regular events throughout the year including the Spring Chili Cook Off, Spring Community Cleanup, Summer Picnic, a Halloween Party, and Christmas Party with caroling and Santa.  Below are highlights of past events. New in 2022 were a number of somewhat impromptu Happy Hour events originally held on Friday, but moved to Saturday for greater attendance. 

Members and non-member owners, residents and their guests are welcome.  We unabashedly ask for a donation for those non-members attending, or for non members to join the BRFCA at that time.


Spring Chili Cook Off

We also hold a chili cook off, that is our first organized event of the year.  Please bring your favorite chili recipe to compete for bragging rights for the best chili!  We will provide the hamburgers and hotdogs with all of the fixings and accoutrements. We do provide some drinks however this is primarily a BYOD (Bring Your Own Drinks) event. If you have a favorite side dish for your chili please bring it also. In years past, it has been held at the "Purple Barn", thanks to the owner. 

Check Nextdoor for date, time, and place for the upcoming event.

The 2021 winner was Roy Jacobson, and the 2022 winner was MaryJo Deskins.

MaryJo Deskins was once again the 2023 Chili Cookoff Champion.  Second place was won by Kathy McCool and third was Roger Cole with his "Snakehead" Chili. 

There were six entries and all were excellent with enough difference that everyone had their mix of favorites.  Every entry had a healthy vote count.  Please plan on joining us next year for the Annual Chili Cook-Off.


Summer Picnic

At our summer picnic, usually held in June, we provide hamburgers, and hotdogs, with all of the fixings and extras, adult and children drinks. If you could bring a side dish or desert, it would be greatly appreciated.

Although it changes from year to year, there may also be a Moon Bounce and Cotton Candy for the kids. An Ice Cream vendor may also show up. We also try to have other surprises for the adults and kids.

It's a great time to come and meet your neighbors.  This is usually the biggest event of the year.

The picnic is usually the last week before school lets out in June.  It is held at the "River Property".


Happy Hours

Happy hours are impromptu gatherings usually planned or arranged on short notice and held at the Pavilion (creek) property,  In 2022 we had one almost every summer and fall month ending in October.  It's a great way to meet the neighbors and make friends you didn't even know you had!  They are planned for 2023 and the dates will be published on Nextdoor and on this web site if time allows. Keg beer and other drinks are available via the Association.  Bring your checkbook and join the Association (Residents only, please), renew your membership or make a donation for our wonderful and frequent events and to support your Civic Association.

2021 Happy Hour


Halloween Party

Join us for a Halloween party, held at the Pavilion Property. We will have candy for the kids of all ages! We will also provide pizzas. We do provide some drinks however this is also primarily a BYOD event. This event happens the night of Halloween.

In the past, we have also had hayrides, courtesy of John Plante and others activities.

Halloween Party 


Community Cleanup

Last, but not least is the Spring Community Cleanup, held each year to ensure our neighborhood stays as clean as possible.  We want to thank everyone that showed up for last year's Community Cleanup. It was wonderful to see so many volunteers, and helped quicken and ease the job. We picked up tires, many bags of trash including beer and soda cans and bottles, clothing, shoes, plastic sheeting and construction debris, and our least favorite, bags of dog poop!

A reminder.  Please be considerate and take the dog waste bags home for proper disposal.

Everyone who attends gets "grabbers" so they don't have to touch the trash and heavy bags to collect it.  It is recommended, though, that you bring gloves in case a larger item has to be handled. Each volunteer selects a section of the neighborhood where they will collect trash.

After the Cleanup we have pizza and drinks at the Broad Run Pavilion property.

Cleanup - What we Gather




Planned Events

Events You Missed
Chili Cook-off Apr 20 1:00PM
Neighborhood Cleanup April 27 9AM

Annual BRFCA Picnic June 8


Our Next BIG Event!
Happy Hours - Being planned

Ad-Hoc Happy Hour at the Pavilion

Halloween Hayride

Christmas Caroling

Other Non-Sponsored Activities
Tuesday Breakfasts
Line Dancing - Fridays at Church
Karaoke Night

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