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Broad Run Farms Civic Association Newsletter – January 2023

“If you don’t live here you wouldn’t understand!”

Broad Run Farms Civic Association wishes you and yours a prosperous and civil New Year.

The year 2022 has been a good and busy year for our Civic Association.  Here are many of the community happenings that we have sponsored (watch for them again this year):

Summer Picnic


Chili Cookoff

Halloween Hayride and Tricks

Boat Rides on the Potomac

Food Truck at the Pavilion

Karaoke Night

Line Dance Night

Tuesday Morning Breakfasts

Christmas Caroling with Santa


Numerous Impromptu Happy Hours and Pot-Luck Dinners

Santa came to our Christmas Caroling. Thanks to Clint Huffman!

Ryan Alam was in the lead truck as an honorary Fire Chief with Operation Santa!

Thanks to our Volunteers, helping to make 2022 a wonderful success:


Line Dancing Practice, Jeff and Gina Creskoff,

Christmas Carolers, Sharon Howard-Denny and Eddie Holloway,

Chefs galore, Dan Schultz, Roger Cole, and Tommy Pallotta,

Beer-misters, Roy Cleveland and Roger Cole,

Chili cookoffs, Jack Pooley and Erin Farmer

Line Dance instructors, Bernie and Lydia Vitale,

Picnic Planning, Mary jo Deskins and Ray Deskins, and others

Boat rides, Christian Cole,

Root Beer float, BRFCA Happy hours, and Oktoberfest, Steve Oberther and Susan Cleveland,

Halloween and pizzas, Laura Audi and Michael Ghanem,

Potluck breakfasts, Richard Sorensen and Carl Margenau,

Neighborhood cleanup, Mary Holsinger and Elizbeth Barnett,

Charitable contributions from Charlie McElrae & Eric DeJonghe

Hayride by Jonathan Plante and Jack Graham,

Karaoke by Colleen and William Glosson,

Beach Maintenance at boat ramp, April Sullivan and Mike Sullivan,

Boat Ramp tree removal, Mike Conley and Roy Cleveland,

Lawn care adjacent to the church, Ray Deskins and Jon Erickson,

Food truck by Leo.

Thank you sincerely to the many other volunteers, not listed above, who have made all this possible.



Pavilion Property - Electricity is now available for use during special events, including private events.  Contact an Association officer for information and approval. Electric panel is locked during general use. A donation for use of the electricity is would be appreciated.


Porta-Potty is available at the Pavilion for use by the Association members at all times the property is open. Please be responsible, use it properly, and help keep it clean. Please report any issues or damage to the Association.


Current Board Members are Jon Erickson [President], Steve Oberther [Vice President], MaryJo Deskins [Treasurer], Rita Fisher [Secretary] plus Members-at-Large Margaret Conley, Edie Huffman, Sharon Howard-Denny, Bill Fisher and Ray Deskins.


Election of Board Members for 2023 will be held at the Association’s March Meeting (7:00 PM, Wednesday, March 8th at the Pavilion.  Please plan to attend the meeting and, please, consider standing for election.  (Being a Member-at-Large gets you involved with the Association and events but really requires very little commitment.) Positions that are up for election: President,   Vice-President, Treasurer,   Secretary, and 5 At Large Members.

In case first responders are needed, the Pavilion property is listed as 20075 Youngs Cliff Rd. No mail will be delivered there, use P.O. Box 650055


Volunteer Opportunities:

For 2023, consider volunteering for our on-going neighborhood maintenance and improvement:


  • Annual Neighborhood Cleanup
  • Removal of Hazardous Trees from the River and the Pavilion Properties
  • Lawn Maintenance at the River, the Pavilion and at the Route 7 Entrance to BRF
  • Adding sand to the children’s ‘beach’ at the River Property


Pavilion Property Projects for 2023 may include the following, based on community interest:


Add lights to the pathway

Install a security camera

Install a ceiling fan

Install motion activated lights

Replace benches

Add sand around the swing set

Split the wood stored there

Clean the fire pit

Improve the porta-potty appearance (make it appear as an old-style out house)

Add steps and a railing from the fireplace to the lower level


Additional Projects Planned for 2023:

  • Update Business Banner
  • Broad Run Farms Phone and email Directory
  • BRFCA Web page update
  • Paint Pavilion Property and River Property gates


Project funding is provided by BRFCA membership fees ($50/member/year) and by contributions from many Broad Run Farm Businesses.  Members are entitled to vote on any issues that come before the Association.  They are also entitled to use the Association’s boat ramp accessing the Potomac River and the Pavilion Property.  Please do join your Civic Association.

Boat Ramp Key price is now $20.00


Tentative Events for 2023

BRFCA Meeting, April 5

Chili Cookoff, Saturday April 15

Tuesday Morning Breakfasts (8:00AM or earlier) resume on April 18

Neighborhood cleanup, April 22

Tuesday Breakfast, May 2

Potluck, Cinco de Mayo, May 6

Tuesday Breakfast May, 16

Tuesday Breakfast May, 30

Broad Run Farms Picnic June 3rd - Brought to you by our local Businesses

Tuesday Breakfast, June 13

BRFCA Meeting, June 14  

Ice Cream Social, TBD

Additional Tuesday Breakfasts, TBD

Line Dancing, TBD

Karaoke Breakfast, TBD

Octoberfest, TBD

Christmas Caroling, TBD


*** Business Partners ***

Broad Run Farms, Rita and Bill.   

Jonathan Plante, Lawns-LTD, 703 759 0570

Lauri Audi, Audi Realty Group, 703 966 3804

John Leper, Jack the Ripper Certified Arborist, 202 256 1949

Roger Cole, Commonwealth Builders, 703 430 0099

Ryan Greene, Mystic Detail, 571 442 9294

Delia Marie Gordon, Kind Homes, 703 203 5056

Danny O’Shea, DanoPro Productions, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tracy Wenger, Avery Hess Realtors, 703 615 2334

Roy Jacobsen, Landman Realty Solutions LLC, 703 608 0148

Chuck LaRock Sr. LaRock Real Estate Group, 703 859 6390

Dr. Sarah Fletcher, Sterling Family Practice, 703 421 7000

Jonathan Plante, East Coast Arborist. 703 433 9528

Marc Dudek, Dudek Carpentry LLC, 703 507 1048

Erin Farmer, Cupcake Farmer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr. Sheri Salartash, Dynamic Dentel Wellness, 703 775 0002

Abdul Elayan, Countryside Service Center, 703 444 4550

Bill Augustine, Augustine Roofing LLC, 703 2817663

Tommy Pallotta, Hi-TechTransmissions, 703 849 8222

Steve and Kathy Barry, Nova Mechanical Services Inc, 703 444 3005

Carol A. Kearney, Momentum Realty, 703 975 4588

Richard Wacker, Wacker Plumbing, 703 450 5565

Jonathan Plante, BRP, 571 225 0005

Mary Hitchcock, State Farm Insurance, 703 430 9674


If you find any information in this newsletter that is in error, please notify the Association at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. notify any of the Association officers, or simply ask your neighbors how to contact the Association.  You may also join us at any monthly meeting, held on the second Wednesday of each month, and submit your comment.


Planned Events

Events You Missed
Chili Cook-off Apr 20 1:00PM
Neighborhood Cleanup April 27 9AM

Annual BRFCA Picnic June 8


Our Next BIG Event!
Happy Hours - Being planned

Ad-Hoc Happy Hour at the Pavilion

Halloween Hayride

Christmas Caroling

Other Non-Sponsored Activities
Tuesday Breakfasts
Line Dancing - Fridays at Church
Karaoke Night

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