Broad Run Farms Civic Association

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Broad Run Farms Civic Association and By-Laws

(Updated 5/6/2023)


This cannot be overstated.  The Broad Run Farms Civic Association Inc. (BRFCA), is not the Broad Run Farms Subdivision.  If you live in Broad Run Farms - the subdivision, you are NOT automatically a member of the Association. If you are NOT a member of the Association you are NOT permitted to use the two Association properties and may be removed for trespassing. The properties are owned by the Broad Run Farms Civic Association, Inc., and not by the owners or residents of the Subdivision. To be a member of the Association, you must join and agree to abide by the By-Laws.  There is no requirement to join the Association,  Private property is subject to the laws and ordinances of Loudoun County and cannot be abridged by the BRFCA.

The Broad Run Farms Civic Association By-Laws outline the purpose and provide the requirements for the creation and continuation of the Civic Association and the maintenance and control of two parcels within the Association wholly owned by the members of the Association and not the BRF Subdivision.  Per the By-Laws, only owners, residents and their immediate families who are members of the Association are permitted to use the properties.  Some details are outlined below, but it is recommended that each potential or current member download and read the latest version of the By-Laws.

To download a current copy of the Broad Run Farms Civic Associations By-Laws in .pdf format please click here.


Each property owner or resident who is a Member as  provided in Article II, Section 2 will be provided, for a fee determined by the board of directors, a pass allowing any member of the owner's household to enter and use these facilities. (Article XIII Section 1)  In addition, "The two recreation areas dedicated to the property owners, residents of Broad Run Farms and their families are for their exclusive use."

A key for use of the river property is available for $20.00.  Keys are limited to one key per member and can only be used by the member owning the key.  Park only at the river without blocking the road or circle.  There is NO PARKING on the sides of the entrance roads as it is private property and the owner(s) have the right to have your vehicle towed at your expense.

The "Creek" or Pavilion property is open to walk-in use only.  There is limited off-street parking.  Please park head-in to maximize usable area.  Please read the rules before use.  Both properties are closed at dark to reduce vandalism and accidents. The Creek-Pavilion property includes video surveillance.


The membership of the association shall be limited to all owners of property in the area known as Broad Run Farms Subdivision, and adult residents of Broad Run Farms. (Article II, Section 1)  By tradition, several areas currently listed as separate subdivisions or "divisions" that were originally part of Broad Run Farms continue to be considered as part of the original subdivision and are or can become members of the BRFCA.  The By-Laws provide for the collection of a yearly dues for use of the Association properties, and to regulate the usage of the properties to members by way of "passes" issued by the Board and "Rules" of use. 

Currently, as stated in the By-Laws, each adult wishing to become a member (to use the properties) must pay a dues of $50.00.  Regardless of when the dues for a current year are paid, the membership ends on the last day of the calendar year.  You can pay ahead before the beginning of the next calendar year for that year by being a current member and specifying on the check or PayPal note that it is for the following year.


A recent concern that has come before the Board is the advertised use of  Broad Run Farms (BRF) properties for short-term rentals, such as Air B&B, Vrbo, private short-term rentals by owner or corporation(s).  The concern is that using the properties in this way can bring in large groups who, without being members will displace the membership's peaceful enjoyment of the facilities offered by the BRFCA. 

If you are a corporation, an owner or resident who is currently using or are planning to convert your home / property to such short-term rental, be aware that there are changes planned for the Loudoun County zoning ordnance.  In addition, the By-Laws essentially forbid the use of the Association properties by short-term renters.

See the article in the Loudoun Times Mirror:

In addition, the properties are for the exclusive use by property owners, residents and their immediate family.  The State of Virginia defines a "resident" and one whose domicile is in Virginia for a minimum of 183 days.  For the purpose of these By-Laws the term resident is applied to the Association as a domicile in Broad Run Farms Subdivision for a minimum of 183 days.  Residence does not have to be consecutive days per Virginia law and unless the By-Laws are ammended, the same applies to BRF.


Planned Events

Chili Cook-off Apr 20 1:00PM
Neighborhood Cleanup April 27 9AM

Summer Picnic June 8 1:00PM

Ad-Hoc Happy Hour at the Pavilion

Halloween Hayride

Christmas Caroling

Other Non-Sponsored Activities
Tuesday Breakfasts
Line Dancing - Fridays at Church
Karaoke Night

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